So, we went out to the Night Bazaar area for dinner.  Wanted to get some seafood after scouting the area the night before and decided on Ping Ping Seafood.  They had tons of live fish tanks and the food looks wonderful!  We know Pint Ping has to be good as there were a couple of nearby Thai restaurants that get their seafood from Ping Ping.  Literally, you can see the waiters/waitresses walk back and forth carrying fish/prawns/other stuff from Ping Ping for their patrons in their restaurants.  Plus, we get to sit outside and watch all the people pass by including all the drag queens that came out to take pictures with tourists and to let people know about the free show at 10:30 PM!

Upon sitting down, we ordered a plate of giant grilled prawns, steamed whole live sea bass thai style, and a plate of manila clams.  The food was fantastic!  Fresh and delicious.  The manila clams were quite spicy and delicious… good thing we had plenty of beer to cool our tongues.  The feast with 3 large bottles of Chang beer came in at just under 1100 baht (~$34 USD).

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