Wat Pho - This is the last tourist stop that we made in Bangkok.  This is the temple of the giant reclining buddha.  Before you get to the reclining buddha, you pay your 200 baht entrace fee, which includes a free bottle of water that you can only redeem at one water tent in the whole giant temple.  What was interesting is that you really don’t have to pay the entrance fee as they only charge and wave foreigners to pay…  really odd.  Plus, there are tons of water tents throughout the temple that will give you ice cold water with a small donation.

Anyways, we made our way around and the temple of course is beautiful with lots of pretty chedis and structures.  We made our way to the hall with the giant reclining buddha (50 feet high and 143 feet in length), which is a pretty awesome sight to behold, but as with all important sites…. it is packed!!!  Again, you squeeze your way in and start from the head facing you and you walk along the length of the reclining buddha towards the giant feet and you then wrap around and walk along the back of the buddha towards the head again until you exit.  Lots of picture opportunities and tons of people reaching up and over your head, over your shoulders, under your arms , by your ears snapping away!

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