So the final day (day 4) means that the wife has most of the day free (just one phone conference) and we had a nice leisurely breakfast followed by a nice work out in the gym.  We then hit the pool for a few hours so that she can get a bit of sun.

All these activities leads to what we’ve been waiting for all day which is our splurge of the trip.  The Friday night Crustacean Buffet at the Shangri-La!!!!  At about $100 USD a person, this is not a cheap buffet at all, especially for Bangkok, but…  it had such an amazing spread of food… REALLY… maine lobsters, rock lobsters, tiger prawns, regular prawns, king crabs, small crabs, fresh oysters bar, new zealand green lip mussels, fresh steamed mussels, sashimi, sushi, prime rib, lamb chops, indian curries, outdoor pad thai station, banana leaf grill station, fantastic desserts, and much much more.  There was not a lot of filler crap or cheap meats here and there… really, 75% of the show is shellfish!!!

I had way too much lobsters, king crab, and other food.  We even had the Executive Chef carve our prime rib (huge portions) and he made lovely presentations on our plates with the prime rib, veggies, and sauces.  I couldn’t help it so I asked to take a picture of him with my plate of prime rib… you can tell he’s quite proud of it and I have to say, it was one of the best prime rib that I’ve ever had.

We also shared a jug/carafe of a special cocktail made with Lemongrass.  Imagine capihirina with lemongrass.  It was delicious and hit the spot.

So, cliff notes.  Expensive Crustacean Buffet that lived up to its name.  Totally worth the splurge.  Also, pics will be shown in two separate posts!

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