Sydney Day 4 Continued - So… my hunt for a mud crab landed me at Nicholas as they had the best price at $24.99/KG for a live mud crab.  I asked the girl behind the counter how it works to get it cooked up and she helped me out.

Basically, you pick a crab and I had her help me pick a good one, and then they weigh it for the crab price.  My crab came in at 1.28 KG or 2.81 lbs.  They then tack on a cooking charge and in this case it’s $10 per KG.  I pay and choose how I want to get it cooked (Singapore Chili!!) and get a number.  They then clean and cut up the crab and walk it over to the kitchen… who cooks it up and yells out my number.  I collect my giant crab and a stack of napkins and chowed down!!!

IT WAS DELICIOUS!!!  Very meaty and super sweet.  The Singapore chili sauce provided and sweet but spicy kick to it.  Very very good.  Now, I can’t imagine how much better that special Singapore Chili crab restaurant is in town, but at about 1/3 of their price… I have to say it’s a bargain!