Hong Kong 3/11 Continued - After getting back to downtown from Aberdeen, we took the MTR to TST and headed to the Hong Kong Museum.  This was one of my wife’s favorite museum in HK and she wanted to show me.  Basically, this is a natural and cultural history of Hong Kong in one large museum.  Beautifully displayed exhibits.  I was really impressed and had a great time.  I really liked all the recreated scenes and scenarios as the museum walked you through the time and history of Hong Kong from the prehistoric days, through British settlements, and modern day.

One of the highlights was a display of all the famous/historical secondary colleges (High School and etc) in Hong Kong.  On the wall was Sacred Heart College, which my wife attended when she lived in Hong Kong.  Very cool!!!

We were also pleasantly surprised by the cafeteria at the museum as we ate a light lunch there.  No pics, but I had a pork chop with rice plate and the Mrs. had a soup noodle.  

After the museum, we walked towards the Star Ferry terminal as we were to meet her parents for dinner.  On the way, we saw an Irish bar, so we popped in for a couple of pints!