Saturday in Macau - The next day, we hopped on a free shuttle and headed to the historic center of Macau which as a whole is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  The main point is to check out the architecture, Portuguese influences, Senado Square, and the ruins of Saint Paul.  The square is quite beautiful and festive with all the tourists, shoppers milling around and all the buildings look great.  Walking up to the ruins of Saint Paul, which my wife described to me as one of the few things she remembered when visiting Macau with her family as a kid… ‘only the facade is left’.  She was not kidding.  Literally, only the outer front facade of the church is left and it is quite beautiful.  We checked out the grounds and the little museum and excavation exhibits… we climbed up to the upper section of the facade and looked at the city of Macau from there.  Caught the gawdy looking Grand Lisboa in one of the shots!

It was really hot at this point so, we did stop to take a break and get a bite to eat… which will be posted next!

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