Macau Final - So, after we got my new phone, we headed back to the hotel and gambled a bit.  We then hit the Dragon’s Treasure show at the City of Dreams.  It’s a short 10 minute Disney-like 360 panorama type thing that’s free to hotel guests.  Not really sure what the story line of the show is, but it was sort of entertaining.  Haha!

Let’s fast forward to Sunday, our last full day… we slept in late and then gambled a lot more.  Mostly just fun cheap slot machines and the wife had a nice winning streak for a while.  We eventually got enough points for the day to get one free meal voucher each and an umbrella!  Lol.  We could’ve gotten Macau ferry tickets for free too… but we’ve already bought our return tickets.  Good tip for next time though.  It’s likely that you can get these for free if you play for a while at the Casino.

The highlight of the day is the show “House of the Dancing Water”.  It’s created by the world famous Franco Dragone (Cirque du Soleil fame  and later his own group) and it costs a whopping 2 billion HKD!  Watching the staging and the show… it reminded us of his other water based show “O” in Vegas.  Overall, very entertaining and probably the best show to see in Macau by far.  Was it greatly hyped… yep.  Were we as impressed by it as when we say “O”, probably not.  I think part of the problem is that the plot was a bit confusing at times and there was a sudden time-shift that didn’t really make any sense to us, but oh well.  At the end of the day… don’t think too much and just enjoy the show!

So, this last set of pics basically sums up a little bit of this and that on our Macau trip.  I think we would definitely go back to check out some of the other mega hotel complexes.

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