Weeknd of food continued on Saturday as we met up with my wife’s work team for a seafood feast at (sp?)Nansha Shijiu Tong (南沙十九涌).  Basically, imagine a live seafood market at this riverside harbor which has tons of fresh seafood from the ocean, rivers, and lakes.  Similar to fishmarkets in HK, you can bargain and buy your seafood at the stalls and then bring them to a restaurant where they charge a cooking fee to cook them anyway you like.

The harbor is about 1 hour away from Guangzhou and when we got there, our friends already picked up all the fresh seafood.  We walked around a bit and took some pictures.  I forgot to take pics of the final dishes… shame on me, I know.  Trust me, there were so much food… like over 10 dishes of stuff.  We had 3 different types of fish, a platter of mantis shrimps, platter of freshwater shrimps, 12 small crabs, platter of snails, platter of clams, a couple veggie dishes, and etc.  OMG…. seafood overload!  It was obviously very tasty as everything was alive and kicking just minutes earlier and I tell you, I ate so much shellfish…. I actually had a mild case of allergies when I got home!  

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