So, after Brussels, we stopped over in Istanbul for 4 days for a quick mini-vacation.  We (and my wife especially) have always wanted to visit Istanbul and since we are flying Turkish Airlines, it was a no brainer to stop over.

We stayed at the Neorion hotel, which is a highly rated boutique hotel in Sirkeci, which is an area of the old city.  The location couldn’t be better as we were no further than a 15-20 minute walk from all the attractions.  The hotel itself is new and the level of service, rooms, freebies, and that roof top deck… yes, that beautiful roof top deck with the sunset view of the city is a great bonus.

So, we arrived around Noon on a Thursday and got into our room.  We then went out to see our first sight, the Basilica Cistern.

The Basilica Cistern is well, a cistern… which back then is used to store water.  This cistern is named as such because it was built from a converted Basilica that was built by Emperor Constantine that sat on top of the First Hill of Constantinople.  This particular cistern is the largest of several hundred located in Istanbul and built in the 6th century by Justinian I.

Enough history lessons… just enjoy the pics.

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