After the Basilica Cistern, we headed to the Hagia Sofia or Aya Sofya  depends on how you say it.  The Hagia Sofia was a formal Orthodox church that was later used as a mosque and now preserved as a museum.

The beautiful structure is famous for its massive dome and considered one of the best examples of Byzantine architecture.  The structure was completed in 532 and was the largest church for close to a thousand years.  Pretty impressive.

Walking inside, you are certainly in awe at the massive amount of space inside.  Also, the amount of mosaic work that must have adorned the building is ridiculous even if a lot of it have fallen off today.  Also, you can clearly see the islamic influence during the days it was used as a mosque so it’s quite interesting to see the mixture of religions.

My wife and I really liked the Hagia Sofia.  It’s really beautiful and we hope that they continue to restore it.

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