Istanbul Day 2 - After the Blue Mosque, it got really really hot, but we braved the temperature and spent about 3 hours at Topkapi Palace.  Topkapi Palace was the home of the Sultans for about 400 years during their 600 years reign.  The buildings were built and added through out that period of about 1465 - 1856.

Today, it is amongst the groups of buildings comprising a UNESCO World Heritage site in the old city and contains a lot of Muslim holy relic.  It is also know as the best example of an ensemble of palaces during the Ottoman period.

It is a huge place and there are lines going to the more important rooms.  It makes for a very tiring day, but of course, highly recommended!  I would say… come a little later in the afternoon as the crowds seem to die down by about 2 PM.  We got there right about 10 AM and it got very crowded.  Also, buy the tickets online so you bypass the ticket lines.  Our hotel concierge took care of that for us (love the Neorion Hotel!).

Within the palace is the Harem quarters, which comprised of more than 400 rooms, which will be shown in the next post.