Istanbul Day 2 - After Topkapi Palace… we went back to the hotel to cool off a bit.  We then headed out for a late lunch before hitting the Grand Bazaar.

We went to a local restaurant recommended by our hotel… and it’s very simple, but delicious Turkish food.  The eggplant appetizer was awesome and the kebabs were really good.  Just enough food to get us through the rest of the day.

We headed to the Grand Bazaar and it’s huge.  Tons of stalls and quite nice looking.  Somehow, I had this image of old city markets and tons of handmade handcrafts and whatnot, but the facility looks pretty nice and to tell you the truth… most of the stalls sell the same touristy stuff… and I bet a lot of them are made in China!  Reminds me of a more historic, prettier version of the super crap market in Guangzhou called Onelink!

We walked around for a while but found nothing to buy and then stopped at a Starbucks to take in some icy (local flavors) to cool off.  We are looking forward to having a glass of wine on the rooftop of our hotel and then to another rooftop for our dinner!

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