Hong Kong 3/10 - So, the wife’s inlaws were here for just under two weeks and we had a lot of fun with them.  So much so, that we took 2 weekend trips together.  The first one is HK last weekend.  This was sort of nostalgic for them as since immigrating to the US, they have not been back to HK for over 20 years.  So, on a crappy Saturday morning in GZ, we headed to the train station and hopped on the nice KTT train for Hong Kong.

Since we literally booked the night before at around midnight, we ended up at the Courtyard Marriott in Sheung Wan, which is on Hong Kong Island, but just a bit off of the central areas.

We checked into the hotel and was famished at like 2 PM and went to a local eatery for some grub.

Afterwards, we boarded the convenient shuttle service from the hotel to IFC mall.  Typical of buses or shuttle buses in HK, the seats are tiny.  Check out the shot my wife took of me sitting in front of her… my shoulders obviously do not fit within the Hong Kong definition of a single person’s seat.  LOL.

So…. literally, the moment we got off off the ascending escalator into the mall, there in all it’s glory is the relatively new super uber expensive to build (probably most expensive in the world) Apple store!  Naturally, we went in to check it out and the parents decided to take off at this point on their own as they eventually want to make it to their old neighborhood to reminisce.  After about 1 hour in the Apple store, the happy wife left there with a 13inch Macbook Air.  Lol.  Totally did not see that one coming, but she has been wanting one for a while now, and it was actually cheaper in HK than back home in the US.  

We walked around IFC a bit more and then went back to the hotel to drop off the new laptop for cocktail hour at the executive lounge (wife got us upgraded for free with her status) and had a few glasses of wine and some small bites.