Istanbul Day 3 - We got back from Taksim and took a nice nap at the hotel because we were so tired and hot.  We got up and got ready for the Whirling Dervish Ceremony at the Hodjapasha Culture Center.  This is not the touristy dance shows at restaurants where you can take pictures and blah blah blah.  This is the real deal by professional dancers who does and take this Mevlevi Sema very seriously.  Upon first arrival to the culture center, I realized just how beautiful the renovated space is… this is a converted 550 years old Turkish bathhouse.  Included with the ticket were free refreshments and turkish delights.  Once the doors opened, we went into the theater which is very small and intimate.  The circular dance floor is right in the center.  I took pictures of the space as best as I could but once the show began… no pics allowed.  The ceremony started with music and then the dancers filed in and started their ceremonial rituals and started to dance/whirl.  All in all… it was a very cool experience and serene.  Is it for everyone???  Probably not younger kids or those who doesn’t understand that this is a ceremony and not a show and therefore were talking and falling asleep in the theater.  Quite a shame, really…  since I can’t take pictures during the ceremony, I swiped one from the site to give you some idea of what we saw.