Istanbul Day 2 - Dinner at Pasazade.  Pasazade is a very highly rated restaurant in the Old City and coincidentally, owned by the same group that owns the Neorion Hotel.  Make sure you make reservations for dinner if you go… not because it’s always packed, but reservations are usually taken for the rooftop deck which is not very large.  What a nice roof deck it is… similar views to the Neorion Hotel, but with the flower boxes, cute tables, and the cool table lamp… the atmosphere is super nice and goes well with the super delicious food.  Yes, this was the best meal we had in Istanbul and their version of ottoman cuisine was both inventive and flavorful.  Couple the lamb, beef, vegetables, and etc with a bottle of very affordable rose and then ending dinner with a superb rice pudding and a cup of turkish coffee/tea really brought to an end to a wonderful day (very busy and tiring) in Istanbul.  Enjoy the food pics!