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Istanbul Day 2 - Dinner at Pasazade.  Pasazade is a very highly rated restaurant in the Old City and coincidentally, owned by the same group that owns the Neorion Hotel.  Make sure you make reservations for dinner if you go… not because it’s always packed, but reservations are usually taken for the rooftop deck which is not very large.  What a nice roof deck it is… similar views to the Neorion Hotel, but with the flower boxes, cute tables, and the cool table lamp… the atmosphere is super nice and goes well with the super delicious food.  Yes, this was the best meal we had in Istanbul and their version of ottoman cuisine was both inventive and flavorful.  Couple the lamb, beef, vegetables, and etc with a bottle of very affordable rose and then ending dinner with a superb rice pudding and a cup of turkish coffee/tea really brought to an end to a wonderful day (very busy and tiring) in Istanbul.  Enjoy the food pics!


Istanbul Day 2 - this is like the day that never ends…. lol.  After the Grand Bazaar, we went bad to the Hotel for the free wine on the rooftop prior to going out for dinner.

Here is the view from the top of the Neorion Hotel while sipping on a glass of Turkish Chardonnay…  pretty sunset, for sure.


Sydney Conclusion - So, after that mud crab lunch… I stumbled out of the fish market and walked it off for a bit.  Took some more pictures of the beautiful city.  I went back to the hotel and put in another long workout.

The wife had a final work dinner, so I went out to do some souvenir and wine shopping.  Once I got outside, it started to pour!!!  I still managed to get to a wine shop right before they closed and got 4 bottles to bring back to GZ (2 red/2 white).  Next stop… a nice souvenir shop and I bought a couple of things including a cute Wombat stuffed animal for the wife as she’s been working hard.  Something for her to remember the trip by even though she did not have a lot of free time.

As it is still pouring outside, what better way to duck the rain than a few beers.  I went to the supposed “oldest” bar in Sydney (Fortune of War) and had a few very expensive beers.  Tasty though.

I went back to the hotel and met up with the wife and she wants to get out for a bit so we went to a nice cafe/diner in the Rocks and I had my dinner there.  A nice cup of cappucino rounds out the trip in style!

Alrighty… up next is the inlaws and Hong Kong.


The big event in Hong Kong this weekend was the Wine & Dine Festival.  Proclaimed as the largest wine event in all of Asia, we knew we had to check it out.

Armed with info from the hotel concierge, we made our way to the right metro stop and took the free shuttle bus to the event.  Similar to other big festivals, you exchange money for tickets, which you turn in for tasters of wine.  Cost 10 HKD per ticket or ~$1.30 USD.  So, not too bad, I guess.  Since we drank at the Executive Lounge prior to the event, we only bought 10 tickets to share and try 8-10 wines for the night.

The festival was packed… and I mean packed to the gills with people.  We walked around and sampled wine and bought a couple of munchies along the way.  All in all, it was a fun night and against the back drop of the Hong Kong skyline, we can’t really complain at all.  It was a good time and a great experience!